the concept

Bringing East Asian culture alive through various pop-up events/experiences – from film nights, games nights to calligraphy classes… the concepts are endless! 

“The Far East meets South East (London)” – we source different venues around London, focusing most of our efforts in the South East area, creating something unique and fun for the local community. 

the mission

“London is known for being one of the most multicultural cities so we’re here to throw something in the mix. Pop-up events/experiences with an Asian twist and good vibes all around. Love culture, love bringing people together.” 

the story

Yin – Founder & Director 

I’m known to be ridiculously organised with a boisterous attitude in work and in life. Anything related to planning and execution from beginning to end is right up my street! From birthday gatherings, team socials, cooking to sorting my wardrobe; I have a certain way of working and enjoy every part of the process. 

Currently still working full time as a Project Manager for a tech company whilst managing Thirteen on the side. I’m a massive culture vulture and over the last couple of years I’ve become much more in touch with my own roots… so much that I decided it would be interesting for me to bring 3 things together: 

1) My culture
2) My community (I was born and raised in South East London)
3) My skillset

Fusing these aspects and shaping it into a business concept has allowed me to be extremely creative, step outside of my comfort zone, think outside the box and have a lot of fun! Thirteen is everything to me and I intend to continue putting my whole heart and soul into it.